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Mesquite Flat Spatula
Mesquite Flat Spatula
Mesquite Flat Spatula

Mesquite Flat Spatula


Our flat spatula tool is hand carved in the Hill Country from Texas mesquite and is ideal for cast iron since the wooden edge won't damage or remove your seasoning.  The long flat edge sets this tool apart from standard wood spoons while the ample, 12.5 inch length of this minimalist wood spatula can handle your biggest jobs with ease. Perfect for stirring, breaking up hamburger meat and other cast iron cooking tasks including;

- Use the long edge to scrape the sides of large pots or jars.
- Use as a bench scraper to easily clean veggie scraps into the garbage.
- Hardwood flipper turns pancakes, burgers, eggs and more.
- Two flat spatulas work beautifully to serve salad.

Made exclusively from locally sourced Mesquite logs that are salvaged from land clearings in central and south Texas this material with a dark, rich color, is the ideal choice for kitchen tools.   Texas Mesquite is one of the most stable woods in the world this tool will not shrink or swell with humidity fluctuation.     


100% Made in Texas

Multi-Use Spatula

Works Great in Pairs

Made from Texas Mesquite

Dimensions & Specs

Length: 12.5"

Scraper Width: 2.25"

Handle Height: 0.5"

Weight: +/- .5 lbs.