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Retail Locations


306 South Lincoln
Fredericksburg, Texas
(830) 998.1556

One of the most unique home decor and gift boutiques in the Texas Hill Country.  Get lost in the FOUND + UNBOUND items that surprise and delight around every turn.  The building itself is steeped in history and takes you back to a bygone era that delights the senses.



342 N. Main St.
Boerne, Texas
(830) 249.8063

This little store on Main St remains an anchor to a simpler time for over six decades. The outstanding smoked meats and sausages are made in small batches with fresh products and aromatic smoke from native oak hardwoods. Beautiful steaks and chops are hand-cut and sold fresh, and folks cover a fair piece of ground to stop in for the award winning barbecue.



413 N. Washington Ave.
Livingston, Texas
(936) 328.4685

Located in the heart of downtown Livingston, Texas this store carries a variety of specialty food items, locally sourced goods and Ruby Cattle Company grass fed beef.  The offered grass fed beef is completely pasture raised in the rolling East Texas hills. Ruby Cattle Company has a history of stewardship and current progressive feeding approaches that produce a truly unique quality of beef.


Stoffer Home

714 Wealthy St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI. 49503

Jean Stoffer is a well-known and accomplished interior designer in Grand Rapids, MI. Originally known for her unique and timeless kitchen designs, Jean Stoffer is now also known for her elegant, approachable, and curated collection of home decor through Stoffer Home. The store features online and in-store shopping with an array of products from home kitchen accessories, to pillows, hardware, lighting, furniture, and more.  A selection of Fredericksburg Cast Iron items are available both in the store and on their website.