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Questions about Fredericksburg Cast Iron Co.

Our Guarantee

Our cast iron cookware is made to last for generations — and we’re here to help. For the lifetime of your cast iron, our team is available to provide guidance for everything from rust spots to “I forgot the roasting vegetables.” When trouble strikes, shoot us a note. In all but the rarest of cases, continuing to cook will be the cure.

Is my cast iron compatible with all cooktop surfaces?

Yes. Our cast iron cookware perform well on a variety of stovetop burner types — including glass-top electric and induction burners. For best results on any burner, we recommend pre-heating your skillet at low to medium heat for up to 5 minutes before use.

Can I bake with my cast iron?

Yes,  your oven can't get hot enough for your cast iron.

Can I grill or cook over a live fire with my cast iron?

Most definitely.  Your cast iron is extremely durable and we recommend it for cooking in any situation.

Is my cast iron non-stick?

The cooking surfaces of our cast iron is polished to be some of the smoothest cast iron available and comes pre-seasoned which gives your cast iron a start in its non-stick journey.  Once received give your cast iron a quick wash with warm water and a little soap, dry thoroughly, coat it all over with a thin layer of our Seasoning Bleand or an oil of you choice, and you’re ready to start cooking.

What color is cast iron cookware?

Cast iron is naturally grey. The first layers of seasoning we apply to your cast iron give it a copper shade. As you cook it will take on a time-honored deep black patina.

Where are your products made?

Almost all of our products are made in the great State of Texas.  Every product of ours that is made in Texas will have that detailed in its product description. 

Can I return or exchange my cast iron?

Yes but please note that we only replace our cast iron cookware and other products within 30 days of delivery.  Please see return details on our terms and policies page.