Get Your Smash Burger Press for that Summer cookout

Keep It Simple

If you do these three simple things you and your family will enjoy your Fredericksburg Cast Iron for generations: 

1.  Use your Fredericksburg Cast Iron 

While your cast iron will be pre-seasoned with avocado oil the real magic happens over time as you cook with it.  When cooking with your cast iron the cooking surface will get covered with heat-altered fats and oils from your food that help create a super smooth nonstick cooking surface. It doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does happen? Hold onto your hats! It’s the best nonstick coating you’ve ever cooked on without any nasty chemicals. The longer you cook on your cast iron, the more nonstick it will get—and the less oil you can use when you cook in it. 

2.  Often (not always) Coat with a Layer of our Seasoning Blend or a high smoke point oil of your Choice

Use the simple cook top method detailed in the seasoning tab to enhance the natural seasoning process

3. Don't Soak your Cast Iron in Water or Put in Dishwasher (covered in Care page)

Leaving your cast iron to soak in the sink is worse for it than any tomato sauce or soap will every be. Cast iron is porous, meaning that long exposure to water can cause it to soak up the moisture and eventually rust.

Cast iron should NEVER go in the dishwasher. It takes a long time to build up a nonstick surface on cast iron and dishwashing detergents will strip it away and leave the pan vulnerable to rust