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The "Gillespie" Kitchen Candle
The "Gillespie" Kitchen Candle

The "Gillespie" Kitchen Candle


Our kitchen candles are made from a soy wax blend which burns slower than paraffin wax based candles and therefore lasts longer.    Additionally our soy wax candles burn cleaner producing much less black soot than paraffin wax candles.

The "Gillespie" fragrance is inspired by the popular volcano scent.  Our custom formulated version brings the familiar feel of that fragrance with a perfect blend of citrus and sugar notes. 

We never hand-pour our candles, which is wasteful and inefficient. We handcraft our candles using the latest in candle making technology to meticulously craft a superior product.


100% Handcrafted in Fredericksburg, Texas

Does not include dyes or additives, providing a consistent aesthetic for your décor

All cotton wicks, which burn consistently and never contain zinc or aluminum

Dimensions & Specs

Size: 10 oz.

Buy: Might be a good idea to buy multiple for your kitchen