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12" Balloon Whisk
12" Balloon Whisk
12" Balloon Whisk

12" Balloon Whisk


Large and round, these whisks are designed mainly for beating air into light ingredients like egg whites and cream with minimal effort.  The magic of the Balloon Whisk is in the ten-wire shape; a wider circumference to whip up the airiest meringues and cremes, or to finish any blending more quickly than a cumbersome mixer.  Thick 1" diameter stainless handles offer a solid grip for the serious chef looking for the ultimate mix-ability of a ten-wire balloon.  The loop secures the wires near the working surface to better reach shallow ingredients.

Offered with customized Fredericksburg Cast Iron warm wood handles.  Nature's ergonomic answer to a good grip in a standard-sized whip. Smooth, turned and lacquered birch hardwood.


Handcrafted in USA

Stainless Steel Wires

Warm Wood Handle

Dishwasher Safe

Dimensions & Specs

Length: 12"