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6 oz. Cast Iron Ramekin
6 oz. Cast Iron Ramekin
6 oz. Cast Iron Ramekin
6 oz. Cast Iron Ramekin

6 oz. Cast Iron Ramekin


Everything tastes better when it comes in a perfectly portioned individual Ramekin.  Commonly used for preparing and serving individual portions of a variety of dishes, Ramekins are great for dishes including crème brûléeFrench onion soupmolten chocolate cake, cheese or egg dishes, poimacaroni and cheeselasagnapotted shrimpsice creamsoufflé, baked cocottes, crumbles, or scallops, or used to serve side garnishes and condiments alongside an entrée.

The heavy duty cast iron construction is durable enough to go from the freezer to an open fire cooking at over 500°F.  Not only do individual servings create an elegant presentation at the table, but recipes bake faster in the smaller sized dish making them ideal for serving a crowd.  Complete with a machined inner surface our Ramekins deliver serious weight and premium cooking performance, no matter the heat source. 

Our team has hand seasoned your ramekins to perfection, allowing for immediate action upon arrival. This robust process creates a non-stick experience, enhancing your ease of use. 


100% Made in Texas

Polished Inner Surface

Heat Retention Keeps Food Warm/Cold for Serving

Knurled Rim and Interior Ridge for Vertical Stacking

Same Care Instructions as Cast Iron Cookware

Works on all Cooking Surfaces


Dimensions & Specs

Diameter (top): 3.875"

Diameter (bottom): 3.5"

Height: 2"

Weight: 1.1 lbs.