Get Your Smash Burger Press for that Summer cookout

8" Mini Masher
8" Mini Masher
8" Mini Masher

8" Mini Masher


This might well be the handiest tool in the kitchen for eggs, dips, salads and is perfect to use when making guacamole. The stainless 3 inch serpentine-style wire is set in a 5/8" wood handle and is hermetically sealed.

Offered with a customized Fredericksburg Cast Iron warm wood handle.  Nature's ergonomic answer to a good grip in a standard-sized whip. Smooth, turned and lacquered birch hardwood.


Handcrafted in USA

Stainless Steel Wires

Warm Wood Handle

Hermetically Sealed Handle Connection

Dishwasher Safe

Dimensions & Specs

Length: 10"