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Saltverk Arctic Thyme Salt
Saltverk Arctic Thyme Salt
Saltverk Arctic Thyme Salt

Saltverk Arctic Thyme Salt


Definitely not from Texas but we love this pure, pristine, bold sea salt that is crunchy and mineral rich paired with arctic thyme an herb unique to sub-Arctic climates.   The high mineral content and flaky structure with a sweeter flavor and lavender-like scent will enhance and elevate any dish that you cook. 

Saltverk was born out of a passion for food and sustainability to make a product that expressed these passions and that was of the highest quality.  Using the natural resources readily available in Iceland - geothermal hot springs and pristine, clean seawater - Saltverk started making sea salt.  By only using geothermal energy for production its created in a sustainable, carbon neutral process with no carbon footprint on the environment.

This sea salt is great for cooking, brining, curing, and finishing everything in between.  



Made in Iceland

From Pristine, Clean Seawater

Produced with 100% Geothermal Energy

Dimensions & Specs

Net wt: 3.17 oz. (90g)

Buy: Might be a good idea to buy multiple for your kitchen